In 1998, R.Ay. Irawati Kusumorasri established a dance studio called Semarak Candrakirana. Semarak Candrakirana is a manifestation of the efforts to preserve dance, especially Javanese dance. This name is taken from the character “Candrakirana” from an original Indonesian story entitled Pandji. While the “Semarak” word was added with a hope that later the dance studio he founded could continue to grow and succeed.

Until now, Semarak Candrakirana has eight dance trainers, mostly ISI graduates. Students of this dance studio are very diverse, ranging in age from four to 25 years, equivalent to kindergarten children to the student level. Teaching techniques are divided according to the age and expertise of the students. At present Semarak Candrakirana has approximately 150 active students, some of its graduates are now actively teaching in Indonesian Karawitan Secondary Schools (SMKI) and various art colleges.