Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) is a masterpiece of performing arts. Held every September in the Solo City Vastenburg Fort area. The beauty of the performance offers a variety of performing arts from various parts of the world with a magnificent, luxurious and spectacular stage.

SIPA The first time was held in Pamangkai Mangkunegaran in 2009 on the idea of ​​the Mayor of Solo, Ir. Joko Widodo. Until this year, the organization of SIPA has stepped on its 11th time. Performances in previous years, 2009-2018, have always been successful with always attended by no less than 10,000 spectators each night. Then you can imagine how grandeur and excitement in the implementation of the 11th time.

The show that was held on the SIPA stage was always special. Engaging artists across continents, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America. Every dish is always colossal, using a spectacular stage; 20 meters long and 16 meters wide with Vastenburg Fortress as the backdrop. Colored with beautiful choreography, frenzied fireworks, and involving thousands of spectators in attendance. Then make the atmosphere of the night at Fort Vastenburg feel so majestic, luxurious and spectacular.