“Arts Is An Expression of Honesty, Lead Life Toward Glory”

Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) will never stop to always provide energy for cultural life in the city of Solo. In each performance, of course with performing arts as a source of energy, there is also the spirit to explore and continue to dig so that the performance can be better and will continue to be better. When SIPA 2011 carried the mask as the theme of the performance, it actually also became part of that spirit. How the theme selection is actually also part of the excavation process from the energy of performance art. Not without cause and just come. On the contrary there is a process of repetitive thinking that finally finds an answer about appropriateness and feasibility.

In the area of ​​culture, when referring to masks of course it will not only stop at an artificial face. But beyond that, the masks also contain a lot of interesting things from the lives of the supporting communities. About territory, customs and traditions, and the lives of many other people are still stored behind the characteristics of masks. This is what will try to be explored as the spirit of SIPA 2011. Finally, if the SIPA 2011 stage will be decorated with many masks from various ethnic communities both from within and outside the country, look at it as the energy power of the performing arts that is being gathered in its strength. Then in Pamedan Pura Mangkunegaran, for three nights of implementation (July 1-3, 2011), that power will be used to further turn Solo into a City of Culture.


Pamedan Mangkunegaran, 1-3 July 2011

at 19.00-23.00 pm



GPH Paundrakarna
Didik Nini Thowok
Sanggar Borneo
Makassar Art
I Nyoman Sura
Teater Aron
Teater Sape’
Daya Presta
Saung Angklung Udjo
Sruti Respati
Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Culture Center
Janis Brenner
Preservation Society
Los Peyoteros
Ronnarong Khampha
University Malaysia Sabah





A young, handsome, talented and creative figure, GPH. Paundrakarna Jiwo Suryonegoro is the eldest Crown Prince of KGPAA Mangkunagoro IX with Sukmawati Soekarno Putri (fourth daughter of the late President Soekarno). As the King’s son, the grandson of the King and grandson of the former President’s talent and love for the world of Art has become part of his life since he was a child derived from his grandparents from the previous Kings from his former President Soekarno and from his mother. From the time he was sitting in school until now he has become part of the Soerya Soemirat Solo dance art gallery as an art and dance stylist and creator. What was none other than his own uncle, GPH Herwasto Kusumo, was the father of GPH’s father.

Mas Pondra or Popo, as he used to be called, is also a famous Photo Model and Model of Honor Anne Avantie and others. With the maturity of experience and increasing insight, not if Paundrakarna doesn’t make a new breakthrough to entertain the community. His mind is forward and idealist. and the experience and increasing insight, not Paundrakarna if he don’t make a new breakthrough to entertain the community. His mind is forward and idealist. Striving through Art, wanting to always be entertaining, wanting to always make people’s hearts happy, wanting to always give the best of heartfelt hearts to and for many people to be full of love through himself and his work is one of the principles of his life. Stay in the field that he loves, wrestles, faces, and lives.