Legend always has its own interesting story from the past. It is about the history of attainment which can not be forgotten easily. There was a masterpiece in the legend which becomes the marker of era, also memento of development process in human’s culture. SIPA wants to excavate the spirit of legend which reveal history of world culture. The spirit of wealth in the past is impassioned again in order to be the energy for life and the growing of people culture today.



Fort Vastenburg, 20-22 September 2013

at 19.00-23.00 pm



20 September 2013
Sanggar Seni Tanadoang (Sulawesi)
Virpi Pahkinen (Swedia)
Semarak Candrakirana (Opening)
Noreum Machi (South Korea)
Padnecwara (Jakarta)
Zhuhai Hansheng Art (China)
Nan Jombang (Sumatera Barat)

21 September 2013
Zhuhai Hansheng Art (China)
Sanggar Lungun (Aceh)
Dance Theatre Ludens (Japan)
Noreum Machi (South Korea)
Pring Serentet (Banyumas)
Wayang Ajen (Jawa Barat)

22 September 2013
GPH. Paundrakarna J.S. (Solo)
Kiran Rajagopalan (India)
University Sabah Malaysia (Malaysia)
Laura Kriefman (England)
Sanggar Tarara (Madura)
Dinas Kebudayaan Jakarta Utara (Jakarta)