“Generation of World Culture”

Culture is the vital position in many aspects of life. There is cultural existence of the urge to increase the quality of life. It can be done through social life, economy, or any other aspect of life. Therefore, cultural role is very important in human life. However, culture need regeneration continously from the supported society. The aim is that the culture can grow up and develop and then increase the quality of life. Therefore, the world generation cannot stop for the sake of preserving cultural role. These are the purpose of “Generation of World Culture”. There will be a togetherness spirit to the movement of world culture generation from world. The spirit of performing art always becomes the streght of SIPA. The Diversity of performing art form and color from many different countries will be unified on SIPA’s stage. The spirit for world culture generation.



Fort Vastenburg, 11-13 September 2014

at 19.00-23.00 pm



11 September 2014
Tunku Atiah & Semarak Candra Kirana
Just Live Dance Production (Germany)
Sanggar Seni Angsana Kabupaten Karimun (Kep. Riau)
ISI Yogyakarta
Sanggar Seni Budaya Gorontalo Inovasi (Gorontalo)

12 September 2014
Institut Kesenian Jakarta
Stepharina, Eva & Atiah (Malaysia)
Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)
Kumpulan Seni Seri Melayu (Riau)
La Salle University Teatro Guindengan (Phillipines)
Korea & USA
Sanggar Bintang (Kepulauan Seribu)

13 September 2014
Harmonia Orchestra (Solo)
Pukchong Lion Dance Play (Korea)
Alinkarwutyee Music & Dance (Myanmar)
Grup Seni Hapsari (Bandung)
Sekolah Musik Indonesia