International Delegations

1. La Salle University Teatro Guindegan (Filipina)

La Salle University Teatro Guindegan was formally established in June 2007 through the efforts of Dr. Chiedel Joan G. San Diego, then Director of Culture and Arts Office. It was founded by Felimon Bonita Blanco, who serve as its Artistic Director since 2007. La Salle University Teatro Guindegan is the founder of Performing Mindanao: Student Theater Network, an association of college-based theatre groups in Mindanao, Philippines.

Work Title:

Sinugdan is a contemporary dance theatre piece based on the origin of the Subanen people of Zamboanga Peninsula. The Supreme God creates a woman and commands her to go down to earth to accomplish a mission. On her way, she meets one of the ruling spirits of the 7 mountains who explain her mission. She needs to settle on earth in order for a race to flourish and land to prosper, after the earth was washed with a great flood. On earth, she meets a native man from the east who places a handkerchief on her shoulder and inexplicably she conceives and gets pregnant. They multiply and populate the land.

2. Silhouette Art Performance (Malaysia)

This group was formed in 2015 on the basic of interest in the field of dance combining elements of traditional folk dance with contemporary for creating a new works in Contemporary dance. This group are directed by Mohammad Farid Nostan and Ismadian Ismail which graduated from Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Kebangsaan which is known as ASWARA. By working with different field background of dancers we believe would build the bridge in creating opportunities to share approaches to dance making, process and performance.

Work Title: I’nggo Pacu (Mana Kuda), choreograph by Mohammad Farid Nostan. It is an exploration of movements using Kuda Pasu folk dance from Bajau Samah, Kota Belud Sabah. The Dancers imitate energeticly like a horse which is full of desire. The dance also represents the culture and unity of Bajau Samah people. By using this style and dancers abilities, the dance is unique because it is unrestricted by the rules of traditional dance.

3. Joel Inzunza & Company (Chile)

Joel Inzunza Leal, choreographer, cultural manager, performer and teacher. It was formed between Chile, France and Argentina. He’s work as a choreographer articulates Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Switzerland. He has been directing since 2008 Joel Inzunza & Company.

Work Title: BLIND SPOT ( Punto Ciego )  is an experience where the body, in a constriction and tension act, opens interstices in the scene, letting us glimpse a meticulous work in different levels and spatial dimensions. Likewise, the work creates a speculative world where the body is crossed by different states and sensations that are resignified the condition of a single and isolated man. BLIND SPOT is a trip, a journey of images that cross different geographies, always like a subtly lenguage and delicated aesthetics trought a personal discourse, of a man and the space.

BLIND SPOT ( Punto Ciego )  was presented in 2009 and 2013 in Concepción-Chile, also at the X Festival El Cruce from Rosario citie, Argentina in 2010, and selected by  the Biennial Dança Sao Paulo SESCSP in Santos citie, Brasil; under the night of New Choreographers in September 2011.

4. Melanie Lane (Australia)

Melanie Lane is a Javanese/Australian choreographer and performer. Based in Europe from 2000–2014, Melanie worked with artists such as Arco Renz | Kobalt Works, Club Guy and Roni, and Tino Seghal performing internationally. Since 2007, Melanie is artistic collaborator to Belgian dance company Kobalt Works | Arco Renz collaborating on projects in Belgium, Norway, Germany and Indonesia. In 2015, Melanie was appointed resident director at Lucy Guerin Inc.

Melanie has established a repertory of works performing in international festivals and theatres such as Tanz im August, Uzes Danse Festival, Arts House Melbourne, Taipei Arts Festival, Spring Dance Festival, O Espaco do Tempo, Festival Antigel, Dance Massive and HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin among others. She has been artist in residence at Dock 11 Berlin, Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, Lucy Guerin Studios and Schauspielhaus Leipzig.

Her collaborative work extends to artists such as musician Clark, choreographer Morgan Belenguer, and visual artists Martin Boettger, Ash Keating and Bridie Lunney. She performed in Lucy Guerin’s ‘Split’(2017) and joined Antony Hamilton Projects for his works – Drift (2011), Black Project 1(2012) Ruth(2015) and ‘Number of the Machine’(2017). In 2014 Melanie was commissioned to create a new work ‘Spacekraft’ at Schauspiel Leipzig. Melanie choreographed the 2014/15  and 2017 live show for UK electronic musician Clark, performing at Field Day London, Moma PS1 New York, Villette Sonique Paris and Barcelona/Istanbul Sonar Festivals. In 2016 Melanie was commissioned by Chunky Move to create a new work ‘Re-make’ and premiered ‘Wonderwomen’ – co-produced by LOFFT and HAU theatres in Germany. In 2017 Melanie is choreographic collaborator for the new video artwork ‘Evanescence’ conceived by Amos Gebhardt and will premiere her new work ‘Nightdance’ at Arts House in August. Melanie has been a guest teacher for companies such as Carte Blanche Norway, Sasha Waltz and Guests, Chunky Move, Danish Dance Theatre, Skanes Dansteater, Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre and Nordwest/Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg among others.

Work Title: “TILTED FAWN”

DANCE PERFORMANCE/INSTALLATION IN COLLABORATION WITH SOUND COMPOSER CLARK Through a visual sound installation constructed by utilising 12 individually composed yet simultaneously performed audio recordings, integrated with sculptural objects and choreography, Tilted Fawn builds a universe that offers a dialogue between sound, space and movement. In the intimacy of a solo, the environment transforms into sculptural illustrations of sonic landscapes in which the performer is confronted by the merging of bold sensorial dimensions. Through the development of utilizing the ‘old’ technique and functionality of tape machines, the sound composition becomes its own entity that stirs a melancholy and introduces a stark, intimate and utopic world.

5. Azpirasi (Singapore)

Azpirasi Dance Group was established in 2000 and has slowly carved a name for itself in the national dance arena. Just like many other dance associations, Azpirasi was formed with a goal to ensure that Malay dance and culture continue thriving despite modernization in Singapore.  Azpirasi believes that dance is a language of expression with infinite dialects. We approach the traditional with a spirit of discovery and seek to explore the human body and the life that surrounds.

Azpirasi has opened windows of opportunities for dancers who wish to pursue their passion and deepen their understanding of Malay dance. Azpirasi is made up of passionate youths who dedicate their time to the arts. A decade on, Azpirasi has collaborated with various professional and semi-professional dance troupes from all over Singapore.  At present, Azpirasi has 25 dance members and they are largely made up of students and young adults

Work Title: Rumah

“The vastness of the earth, the depths of the ocean, yet….

We are just blind to the home she has given.

Seluasnya bumi,

Sedalamnya bahari,

Sebutanya kami dengan rumahku ini.”