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Ibu Kartini Day of Prayer for

WARNING Kartini’s Day will not be separated from the female figure. When calling to mind is that Kartini’s Day to read about women. Of emancipation to be the main spirit as the spirit of Kartini figure voiced by so many years ago which was then maintained until now.

While reading the female, a figure that has attracted tremendous struggle in human life. This figure is known as a warrior family, the first educator to anyone who will be the next generation. Known for his love of lifelong contained children. He was the mother.

Each time, the mother would always give a prayer to his children. Prayer, among others revealed by singing a lullaby (Lullaby). The community knew him as a songwriter lullabies. Lullabies song may be deemed just singing a lullaby. When in fact not, as in the song is laden with prayer. So, what song rite full of hope that prayers.

In the cultural sciences, lullabies song is included in the folk songs (folksongs). While singing into the folklore of the people who grow and develop in society supporters. Almost the entire group or community of people know the song lullabies. Javanese people do not know the song-Lelo Lelo ledung, Sundanese people familiar with swinging udders or nelenglengkung, and of course there are other songs as well as reveal the ethnic diversity of the archipelago.

Then it would be interesting if the diversity of children’s lullabies and juxtaposed in the spirit of the race. There will be many prayers also revealed the mother to the next generation.


Song Singing Competition Introduction Regional Sleep – a Java

Interpret the Kartini Day with Cultural Inheritance


Interpret the Kartini Day through the mother. Mother as a warrior family, the mother who always voiced a prayer for her children through her sleep lullabies.


Lullabies song as part of folksongs it also reveals the diversity of ethnic communities in the archipelago. Almost every ethnic have different lullabies with each other. Interestingly the difference was then led to a red thread on the same substasi his verse, which contains the prayers and hope to children.

This is to be united in a similar spirit, the spirit of the race track lullabies. Lullabies are in addition to revealing the cultural ethnicity also contains the rites of prayer and hope the mother to her generation.


Explore the values of local wisdom of the song lullabies. The hope then there will be no sort of cultural inheritance to the younger generation. Because there will be many values of ethnic communities will also be revealed.


Establish the power of ethnic communities through the introduction songs his sleep. As a first step, starting from the community on the island of Java. But in the future will not rule out going to crawl up to the community as Nusantara.

VI. Audience

Community lovers songs lullabies. They can come from anywhere and from any circles. Contest participants were women aged 17 years to 30 years.


Young people who are members of the community:

SIPA Community (Solo International Performing Arts Community)

Candrakirana Lively Art Center


Day / Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hours: 15:00 to 22:00 pm

Place: Region Balekambang Park, Solo

(Heritage Park Palace Mangkunegaran)


The competition will be held with participants presenting lullabies. Participants can present with different creativity without any special restrictions. Included could be performed with the support of the motion or if it was the stage.


Print media, electronic media including the internet


This event can be held by the blessing of God Almighty and the support of various parties, the government of Surakarta UPTD Balekambang Region, sponsors, donors and community Solo. We as the organizers hope that this event can be held with both the event and can be an event that can make a positive contribution to the city of Solo. We are open to receive constructive input for the smooth organization of this event.

Demikian proposal ini kami ajukan, sebagai bahan pertimbangan kerjasama yang akan dilaksanakan. Atas kesempatan dan perhatiannya perkenankan kami menghaturkan terima kasih.