SIPA 2012

When the performing arts to rescue the spirit of the movement of the earth and all life. Performing arts or performing arts can be defined as one part of cultural life. With the understanding that the performing arts in the city of Solo can support the designation as a City of Culture.

SIPA 2012 is not just proper functioning of the performing arts for arts issues. However, from the performing arts, be it from any region of the tradition or modern, SIPA 2012 should also be a means to bring the spirit of togetherness.

Make the performing arts or performing arts as a means of unifying the spirit of togetherness. Performing arts of the region in question could be ethnic (traditional), modern or contemporary. While the dish may be a form of performance art of dance, theater or music.

If the performing arts that has come with a variety of cultural backgrounds of culture, its energy will be incorporated in a similar spirit. Being a grand-scale performances by internationally known for its title:

Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) in 2012.