SIPA 2015


Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2015 is an international event of performing arts starting from Solo to all over the nation and penetrating into around the world. SIPA 2015 gives the spirit of togetherness from Solo to show the world that every substance can be the spirit of performing arts.

Background of SIPA

Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2015 is the spirit of movement to preserve the world culture with its culture through performing arts. SIPA 201not only emphasizes traditional and modern performing arts but also highlights the spirit of togetherness.

The energy of performing arts derived from cultural diversity will be unified through the same spirit. Then, it will become a grand international performing art that is well-known as Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2015.


The theme of SIPA 2015 is “Live in Contemporary World.” Invited art delegations from Indonesia and abroad are welcomed to perform their uniqueness in contemporary performances.


Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2015 is a meeting place for many kinds of performing arts in expressing effort of preservation of the world culture.

             SIPA will make Solo as the bridge for many kinds of performing arts to meet. When SIPA is carried out, the world will believe the image of Solo as the heritage city.


The energy of life is the power of art group community and performing art group from Indonesia and other countries in the world. Life of performing art group communities has incredible power and so do the societies who support it that have cultural practice. All of these will be unified through the spirit of SIPA.

Participants and Audience

There are art group communities of dances, theaters, and music from around the world on the stage. There will be more than 10,000 spectators or more during the performing art as another performance during the events.


There are dance performances, music performances, and theater performances. All of these performances provide the energy of togetherness and cultural atmosphere.

SIPA does not merely about the arts. SIPA should be able to give energy of life especially for Solo and generally for the Indonesian archipelago. Then the performing art becomes important to explore local moral values of the traditional performing arts. It can also explore the contemporary era of modern performing arts.


Imagine how the exotic performance unites with heritage area when the work of art is performed with full of the value of culture history; together with more than 10.000 spectators who join and enjoy the performances.