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Fajar Satriadi is an artist from Surakarta who was chosen as SIPA mascot 2015. He graduated his master’s degree at Seni Indonesia Surakarta (ISI). He already started his career in 1990 at Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah. From then he had many experiences in performing arts world.

At 2014 Fajar Satriadi was a main player at Matah Ati show, Pamedan Mangkunegaran. At Matah Ati show, he played as Raden Mas Said or Pangeran Sambernyawa, a founder of the famous Praja Mangkunegaran. His skills and his trackrecord in performing arts were the reason why he was chosen as SIPA mascot 2015.

In SIPA 2015, Fajar Satriadi showed a dance work entiled “The sound of Wind” which he already performed at Japan. He decided to show the dance in SIPA 2015 because when he showed the dance at Japan, it was really success and got good appreciation.


The sound of Wind.

This art work inspired by the sound of wind which is growling, screaming, singing, and others sounds which come within at East Indonesia. The experience to feel and see the strong wind in pinery  tempt me to dance. That experiences still felt when I already came back in Java. That makes me want to create a dance with wind concept.

Wind gives life and infinity life without asking any feedback. Air is a moving wind. Breath sends us into a deepest room of body, asking to understand the meaning of life and the giver (God). Breath is a door for sanity where mikrokosmos and makrokosmos met. Sound and movement of redemption.

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