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Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) is a world-renowned performing arts festival initiated by Mr. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia, during his tenure as Solo Mayor. He envisioned SIPA to be a prestigious festival in the creative arts industry. We, SIPA Community is committed to realize his dream.

Performing Arts Solo Performing Arts (SIPA) 2017 Performances showcase a variety of performing arts from around the world, for three nights in September 2017. Performances by presenting a magnificent, luxurious, and spectacular stage in Solo’s Vastenburg Fortress.

Year 2017 is the implementation of SIPA times the 9th, Performance in previous years, 2009-2016, always successful implementation. Every night, from three nights of the event, always attended by no less than 10,000 spectators. Imagine the excitement of the atmosphere created later.

The performances that were held on the SIPA stage were always special. Involving transcontinental Asian, Australian, European, African and American artists. Each dish is always colossal, using a spectacular stage, 20 meters long and 16 meters wide with the gate of Vastenburg Castle as the setting.

Do not forget also with the opening ceremony and closing ceremonies are also majestic and luxurious. Colored with beautiful choreography, frenetic fireworks, and involving thousands of spectators present. Then make the atmosphere of night in the Vastenburg Fort feels so majestic, luxurious and fascinating.

That is the splendor, luxury and spectacular performance of SIPA. Then immediately join to be part of the splendor and luxury of SIPA 2017.

A magnificent and spectacular international performance performances show.





Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya is an exhibition of masterpieces of international performing arts for the movement of guarding, caring and loving the sea (of course also ocean) for the people of Indonesia.


Indonesia is a Marine Country. So it is important to interpret the movement to maintain, care and love the ocean is also the ocean and of course following his life. With the movement, the existence of the oceans in the country will always benefit the lives of people throughout Indonesia and even the world.


Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) is a performance art masterpiece initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Joko Widodo while still serving as Mayor of Surakarta. This grand performance is routinely held every year in the city of Solo since 2009 and then. Then imagine how beautiful and splendid it is when the SIPA stage of 2017 carries the spirit of Indonesia is a Marine Country. This is SIPA Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya


KRI Dewa Ruci For carrying the spirit of maritime, stage SIPA: Bahari Kencana Maestro Karya will present a stage shaped ship pride Indonesia KRI DEWA RUCI